Holidays & Celebrations

Keepin’ it Simple….

We’re trying something new-fangled here at the ol’ Five and Dime…a November photo challenge!

When Louis Handloff started National 5 & 10 in 1931, life was slower. Main Street was dirt, sidewalks were wood and folks celebrated the seasons in simple ways. Flash forward 88 years and life has really sped up! With everything on our plates, it’s hard to remember to slow down and make time for seasonal rituals. That’s why we’ve created this challenge…to inspire you to unplug, get out and do all the things. BUT, we’re going to be wildly ironic and also suggest that you fully document your offline time and then hop on to Instagram to share your pics when you’re done! LOL! (C’mon, you know you love this…)

So we’re a week late getting started, but better late than never! Fall is flying by and the holidays will soon be upon us. We’ve created a bucket list of simple seasonal pleasures that we’re looking forward to this month. There is no official schedule and we’re not going to hold you accountable for a photo every day…just follow our list or use it as a starting point to build your own. The only requirement is that you get out there and savor the season! And because it’s a photo challenge, be sure to snap some photos as you go, then share them on Instagram using the hashtag #TakeBackTheSeason. We’ll share the photos with the most likes each week so everyone can be inspired. (Bonus points if you manage to capture something you bought at National 5 & 10 in your photo. 😉 )

Now, go on! Get going and have some fun!